Stan Brocklebank

1998 winner Stan Brocklebank


This title was one of three for Alan Smith in 2002

Division One Singles Winners Runners up
1989-90 A. Howell M. May
1990-91 T. Hayes M. May
1991-92 C. Saville P. Amos
1992-93 P. Amos A. Howell
1993-94 P. Amos M. Callanan
1994-95 P. Amos G. Clarke
1995-96 P. Amos R. Turner
1996-97 M. Callanan P. Clarke
1997-98 S. Brocklebank J. Higgens
1998-99 C. Cooke A. Smith
1999-00 M. Callanan A. Smith
2000-01 J. Higgens T. Hayes
2001-02 A. Smith M. Callanan
2002-03 N. Potts M. Callanan
2003-04 M. Callanan B. Symes
2004-05 K. Symes T. Hayes
2005-06 D. Latham M. Callanan
2006-07 Keith Symes Alan Smith
2007-08 Mike Callanan Derek Latham
2008-09 John Addley John Higgens
2009-10 John Addley Derek Latham
2010-11 Neville Potts Derek Latham
2011-12 Derek Latham Alan Smith
2012-13 Derek Latham Mike Callanan
2013-14 Derek Latham Chris Saville
2014-15 Chris Saville Derek Latham
2015-16 Chris Saville Alan Smith
2016-17 Chris Saville Derek Latham
2017-18 Chris Saville Tim Bourner
2018-19 Neville Potts Warren Cowdrey

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