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Alma 'B' Team to start: Anne, Bill, Paul, Harry, Sheil & Yob Paul Garlinge in studious mode at the Alma. Sav in his waiters gear with the rest of the England team in the Jersey 2003 international.
butchersarms.JPG (42627 bytes) magnetb.JPG (41010 bytes) kbbafinal2003.JPG (37312 bytes)
Butchers Arms Magnet 'B' Sav on winning the 2003 KBBA Singles
marketinnb.JPG (58420 bytes) KBBA WEEKENDS OF 2003 AT THE ALMA Market.jpg (89260 bytes)
Market Inn players LtoR Ellie Bence, Ann Keen, Baz Symes, Daniel Jackson, John Skinner and Bev Holness pose before thwe notoriously difficult Market table