Winter League / Spring Cup: Closing date for the Winter League is Tuesday 14th January, any matches not played by then will be forfeited by the cancelling team.

Entries are required for the Spring Cup at the next committee meeting, the competition will start on Tuesday January 28th. The format will be 'Off-The-Spot', with two groups migrating into main and plate competitions. Entries will also be required for the Challenge Cup.

Knock-Outs The second round draws for the Open Singles, Division1 Singles, Division 2 Singles and Mixed Pairs are out. dates to be submitted by Thursday December 19th, matches to be played by Sunday 12th January, All other competitions have been held over.

Jersey 2002:  A party of ten went from the league and had a tremendous time, I won't bore you with the stats, just the gossip. It started badly for Dan Jackson and Dave Howarth who left their cues at home!!!. 

Newcomer Matt Brown of the Greyhound attempted to demolish the bowling alley by hurtling the balls down the lane, he quickly became known as 'Barnes Wallace' for his bouncing bombs and every shot was accompanied by the dambuster's theme from the rest. 

Dan Jackson fancied his chances with the pretty barmaid at the first pub and told her that he wasn't like the rest of the olduns in the party, She said she could see that, but not to worry, he would grow up one day!!! (crashed and burned). 

Chris Gent quickly became known as 'Pacman' for his ability to eat and drink non stop!!! He even ate, without flinching,  the superhot Thai Curry Sav had setup for one of the Medway crew. Problem was Sav had to eat one himself to repeat the prank!!! Dan tried a bit and ran out of the cafe cursing and swearing with his mouth on fire!!! Chris Gent's snoring is now legendary and Matt Brown who was sharing with him had to have another room to get some sleep!!

Believe it or not there was a naked woman in John Mitchell's room (a real live one!!), problem was John was in the bar!!!

Dave 'Hollow legs' Carliell was on his swansong Jersey (for the third year). The profits at the White Horse will take a dive if this was his last year!

Craig Carlson tried to stay drinking with Chris G. one night and had to be carried to bed. I wish I'd had a camera for the face painting and collection of milk cartons and other rubbish he woke up with next morning!

Seriously that's all I've space for, next years competition will be on October 25th/26th, I will be making inquiries for early booking deals, let Sav know if you are interested, cost will be about 24 a night half board and flights about 75


National Pub Team Championship:  The Alma are now National Pub Team Champions, full write up is on the site and in the local papers. Chris Saville was runner-up in the National Over 50's

Skittle Tattle;

Xmas Pressies: Rumour has it that Alan "Two Cues" Holmwood is looking for some superglue for Xmas following a couple of "accidents" with his cues.

Musical Billiards: The Chantry thought they were away to the Oak and went to Nonington, probably passing the Oak who were on their way to the Chantry! Realising their mistake they phoned the Chantry and headed there, problem was message didn't get to the Oak team who went back to Nonington (and passed each other again). Further phone calls saw the Oak head back to Canterbury and there the music stopped!

Web Site a New Address!; Anyone who wants a email address give me a ring. Any players who do not wish to have their data published here please let Chris or Craig know. 

Dates For Your Diary;  Next committee meeting is on Thursday 16th January 2003 at the Lion.

The Interleagues will be at the Alma again this year. The 'A' and Ladies (hopefully) will be on Saturday/Sunday February 15th/16th, the 'B' Interleague and Kent Knockouts day will be on Saturday/Sunday 15th/16th March.

Finals Night will be at the Alma on Tuesday April 29th. Presentation Dance will be at the Alma on Friday 20th June 2003. We hope to have live music this year 

Captains make sure your players know these dates, every year someone complains they didn't know.