June 2003

Great Presentation Evening!

Sixty four people sat to dinner on Friday the 20th at the Alma for the 2003 presentation dinner and dance. A wonderful evening was had by all, and most people thought it the best for several years. The duo ‘Goldtop’ were extremely good and partying was only curtailed because of complaints from the neighbours! Presentations were by Alan Farra, the Kent Pairs and Over 50’s champion, who dressed as an excellent replica of the ‘Galvin trophies we give to the over 50’s

2002-2003 Roll of Honour;
Summer League Plate, Brickmakers ‘B’, R/Up Plgh & Hrw Tm

Summer League Plgh & Hrw Bridge, R/Up Lion.

League Cup Plate, Butchers Arms, R/Up Magnet ‘A’

League Cup, Chantry Club, R/Up Lion

League Division 2, Greyhound ‘A’, R/Up Fitzwalter Arms

League Division 1, Chantry, R/Up Alma ‘A’

Division 2 Highest Break 7380 S. Jones

Division 1 Highest Break 13240 T. Hayes

Challenge Cup, Chantry, R/Up Fitzwalter Arms

Ladies Pairs, L. Callanan & G. Saville, R/Up A. Garlinge & S. Howarth

Mixed Pairs, C. & G. Saville, R/Up      M. & L. Callanan

Men’s Pairs, M. Callanan & J. Higgens, R/Up C. Saville & D. Howarth

Landlords, A. Miller (Alma), R/Up G. Furness (Lion)

Ladies Singles, A. Keen, R/Up A. Garlinge

Over The Hill, I. Dennett,  R/Up A. Farra

Division 2 Singles, A. Keen, R/Up N. Scott

Division 1 Singles N. Potts, R/Up M. Callanan

Open Singles, K. Symes, R/Up M. Callanan

Most Improved Player  P. Garlinge

Black Peg Sporting Team Alma ‘B’

KBBA Roll of Honour;

‘A’ Interleague Winners and ‘B’ Interleague Winners,

Ladies Interleague Runners Up,

Kbba Over 50’s Champion, Alan Farra

Kbba Over 50’s R Up, Alan Smith

Kbba Pairs Champions, Farra & Jackson

Kbba Alt Rules Runner Up., Derek Latham

Kbba Open Singles Champion, Chris Saville

Kbba Ladies Singles, no entrant.

National Pub Team Champs, Alma

National Over 50’ R/Up, Chris Saville



A.G.M. and 2003-2004 Season.

The A.G.M. will be at the Lion on Tuesday September 2nd, starting at 2000hrs sharp. Any proposals for rule changes must be seconded and submitted, in writing, to Sav by Tuesday August 19th. Come and have your say about next year or don’t complain about decisions later.

Enclosed are entry forms for next season. Entries and player registration MUST be in for the A.G.M. PLEASE take any opportunity to let any possible new venues how friendly we are and that entry fees are free for new teams.

Skittle Tattle;


Missing ‘Gent’ anyone seen him, please let the Magnet ‘B’ know!!

Comment of the week???;  This year’s statuettes were being shown at the last committee meeting. Lin Callanan complained that they were all male. Sav apologised that female ones were not available when Lin replied “How would you men like it, if it were a female on top?” At which point the committee meeting dissolved into laughter!.

Jersey 2003; Last chance for inclusion with the main party, flights and transfers are about £80 and the hotel is £25 per night half board. The main party is going Tuesday October 21st for a week. There is talk of another group going Thursday. If you want to join us let Sav know in the next couple of weeks or you are unlikely to get the same flights / hotel.

Web Site;   If you want to know about it then its on there!!! Anyone who wants a email address give me a ring. Any players who do not wish to have their data published here please let Chris or Craig know. 

 Dates For Your Diary;  A.G.M at the Lion on Tuesday 2nd September