* Dover Deal And District Bar Billiards League. *

* Winter League 2000 - 2001 *

FANTASY LEAGUE TABLES Report Produced on 08/04/2001

1 Bourner's Bankers 1328 S.Howarth P.Smart A.Sampson T.Bourner C.Cook T.Hayes C.Saville
. S68 D37 S55 D54 S93 D54 S139 D88 S148 D79 S205 D80 S225 D108
2 HOWIE'S HEROES 1309 A.Schofiel S.Howarth D.Howarth C.Carlson C.Cook T.Hayes C.Saville
. S32 D65 S68 D37 S80 D55 S143 D81 S148 D79 S205 D80 S225 D108
3 Lin's Lemmings 1286 A.Cope A.Sampson J.Mitchell J.Higgens C.Cook M.Callanan T.Hayes
. S43 D35 S93 D54 S65 D110 S131 D71 S148 D79 S178 D72 S205 D80
4 Brock's Bollex 1284 A.Schofiel L.Callanan P.Smart T.Bourner C.Cook T.Hayes C.Saville
. S32 D65 S9 D94 S55 D54 S139 D88 S148 D79 S205 D80 S225 D108
5 Saville's Allstars 1268 D.Vickers A.Schofiel D.Mackwort T.Bourner C.Cook T.Hayes C.Saville
. S2 D55 S32 D65 S36 D63 S139 D88 S148 D79 S205 D80 S225 D108
6 Sav's Steamers 1261 A.Wicken D.Vickers P.Smart C.Cook M.Callanan T.Hayes C.Saville
. S0 D0 S2 D55 S55 D54 S148 D79 S178 D72 S205 D80 S225 D108
7 Mitchell's Marvels 1234 D.Vickers P.Smart A.Sampson K.Brockleb C.Cook M.Callanan T.Hayes
. S2 D55 S55 D54 S93 D54 S136 D80 S148 D79 S178 D72 S205 D80
8 The Carlson Collection 1232 S.Philpott D.Howarth D.Jackson A.Farra C.Cook M.Callanan T.Hayes
. S60 D23 S80 D55 S78 D67 S107 D83 S148 D79 S178 D72 S205 D80
9 Brock's Badgers 1192 A.Wicken AnGarlinge A.Schofiel J.Higgens C.Cook M.Callanan C.Saville
. S0 D0 S50 D33 S32 D65 S131 D71 S148 D79 S178 D72 S225 D108
10 Pearcy's Patagonian Ponies 1192 P.Callanan PGarlinge D.Jackson K.Keen S.Richards C.Carlson C.Saville
. S29 D24 S83 D45 S78 D67 S95 D57 S117 D93 S143 D81 S225 D108
11 Higgen's Hurricanes 1169 A.Schofiel D.Mackwort J.Mitchell J.Higgens K.Brockleb C.Cook M.Callanan
. S32 D65 S36 D63 S65 D110 S131 D71 S136 D80 S148 D79 S178 D72
12 Brock's Bandits 1143 AnGarlinge A.Schofiel P.Smart J.Mitchell C.Cook M.Callanan T.Hayes
. S50 D33 S32 D65 S55 D54 S65 D110 S148 D79 S178 D72 S205 D80
13 Carliells Cavaliers 1134 D.Mackwort D.Jackson K.Keen J.Mitchell P.Clarke C.Carlson C.Cook
. S36 D63 S78 D67 S95 D57 S65 D110 S114 D97 S143 D81 S148 D79
14 Oldfield's Obscure Six 1133 RIShepherd A.Cope D.Brown J.Higgens P.Clarke C.Carlson C.Cook
. S0 D0 S43 D35 S106 D85 S131 D71 S114 D97 S143 D81 S148 D79
15 Woolage-Green Men 1132 KeKeen N.Barwick A.Cope S.Pearcy C.Carlson T.Hayes C.Saville
. S1 D14 S0 D22 S43 D35 S118 D72 S143 D81 S205 D80 S225 D108
16 Cooky's Coxmen 1121 A.Schofiel P.Smart PGarlinge P.Clarke R.Oldfield T.Bourner C.Cook
. S32 D65 S55 D54 S83 D45 S114 D97 S105 D114 S139 D88 S148 D79
17 Paul's Pedestrians 1093 D.Mackwort S.Howarth A.Sampson K.Keen J.Higgens A.Smith M.Callanan
. S36 D63 S68 D37 S93 D54 S95 D57 S131 D71 S122 D115 S178 D72
18 Mike's Marauders 1082 A.Schofiel L.Callanan D.Howarth J.Mitchell T.Batchelo T.Bourner C.Cook
. S32 D65 S9 D94 S80 D55 S65 D110 S136 D79 S139 D88 S148 D79
19 Roe's Rogues 1073 A.Schofiel P.Smart A.Sampson S.Brockleb K.Brockleb R.Oldfield C.Cook
. S32 D65 S55 D54 S93 D54 S87 D68 S136 D80 S105 D114 S148 D79
20 Clarke's Casuals 1066 A.Schofiel JDale T.Laslett D.Howarth R.Oldfield C.Cook M.Callanan
. S32 D65 S50 D66 S78 D41 S80 D55 S105 D114 S148 D79 S178 D72
21 SHEILA'S SUPER SEVEN 1066 L.Callanan S.Howarth D.Howarth H.Pearson S.Richards A.Keen C.Carlson
. S9 D94 S68 D37 S80 D55 S108 D66 S117 D93 S127 D91 S143 D81
22 Coussies Crackers 1020 D.Mackwort L.Callanan B.Carpente D.Jackson D.Brown R.Oldfield A.Smith
. S36 D63 S9 D94 S56 D69 S78 D67 S106 D85 S105 D114 S122 D115
23 Smudger's Old Boys 962 S.May RIShepherd A.Schofiel L.Callanan J.Higgens C.Cook C.Saville
. S0 D0 S0 D0 S32 D65 S9 D94 S131 D71 S148 D79 S225 D108
24 Wickens Wanderers 961 P.Callanan D.Carliell T.Laslett D.Howarth J.Higgens P.Clarke K.Brockleb
. S29 D24 S12 D66 S78 D41 S80 D55 S131 D71 S114 D97 S136 D80
25 Ann's Allies 885 G.Saville A.Cope PGarlinge A.Sampson K.Keen R.Cousins A.Keen
. S0 D55 S43 D35 S83 D45 S93 D54 S95 D57 S94 D68 S127 D91
26 Perrin's Pirates 869 J.Jones G.Saville S.Howarth T.Laslett K.Keen P.Clarke C.Cook
. S0 D0 S0 D55 S68 D37 S78 D41 S95 D57 S114 D97 S148 D79
27 Clarke's Cueists 762 S.May RIShepherd A.Schofiel P.Smart T.Laslett S.Richards C.Cook
. S0 D0 S0 D0 S32 D65 S55 D54 S78 D41 S117 D93 S148 D79
28 Lin's Ladies 752 G.Saville A.Cope AnGarlinge S.Howarth JDale K.Keen A.Keen
. S0 D55 S43 D35 S50 D33 S68 D37 S50 D66 S95 D57 S127 D91
29 Brock's Bondage Babes 633 J.Jones N.Barwick G.Saville AnGarlinge L.Callanan K.Keen A.Keen
. S0 D0 S0 D22 S0 D55 S50 D33 S9 D94 S95 D57 S127 D91