* Dover Deal And District Bar Billiards League. *

* Winter League 2002 - 2003 *

FANTASY LEAGUE TABLES Report Produced on 15/01/2003

1 The Howarth Howitzers 966 M.Maher A.Sampson D.Howarth T.Hayes B.Edwards G.Butcher A.Farra
. S0 D0 S35 D56 S72 D41 S118 D45 S108 D57 S114 D77 S157 D86
2 Mike's Marauders 940 L.Callanan S.Hart P.Dargan D.Carliell G.Butcher M.Nichol A.Farra
. S21 D54 S40 D39 S38 D54 S63 D65 S114 D77 S132 D75 S157 D86
3 Sav's Hottie Steamers 938 D.Mackwort A.Cope D.Carliell T.Hayes B.Edwards G.Butcher A.Farra
. S0 D0 S41 D7 S63 D65 S118 D45 S108 D57 S114 D77 S157 D86
4 Pearson's Plonkers 914 M.Lindsay M.Maher G.Clarke N.Potts B.Edwards A.Farra J.Fullager
. S0 D0 S0 D0 S89 D39 S90 D42 S108 D57 S157 D86 S166 D80
5 Carlson's Cue Crew 892 A.Cope G.Saville L.Callanan T.Hayes B.Edwards G.Butcher A.Farra
. S41 D7 S0 D55 S21 D54 S118 D45 S108 D57 S114 D77 S157 D86
6 Gill's Giants 889 G.Saville A.Sampson H.Pearson D.Carliell T.Hayes B.Edwards J.Fullager
. S0 D55 S35 D56 S71 D25 S63 D65 S118 D45 S108 D57 S166 D80
7 Paul's Pedestrians 852 D.Mackwort G.Saville J.Mitchell B.Symes T.Hayes B.Edwards G.Butcher
. S0 D0 S0 D55 S56 D75 S67 D80 S118 D45 S108 D57 S114 D77
8 Lin's Lemmings 814 D.Mackwort A.Sampson G.Clarke D.Carliell N.Potts N.Scott G.Butcher
. S0 D0 S35 D56 S89 D39 S63 D65 S90 D42 S81 D63 S114 D77
9 Mick's Marvels 797 D.Mackwort P.Callanan L.Callanan D.Carliell I.Dennett M.Nichol A.Farra
. S0 D0 S0 D2 S21 D54 S63 D65 S77 D65 S132 D75 S157 D86
10 Carliell's Comets 757 P.Callanan A.Sampson H.Pearson G.Clarke N.Potts B.Symes T.Hayes
. S0 D2 S35 D56 S71 D25 S89 D39 S90 D42 S67 D80 S118 D45
11 Butchers Seven 741 A.Cope CLancaste H.Pearson KeKeen G.Clarke I.Dennett G.Butcher
. S41 D7 S53 D34 S71 D25 S61 D36 S89 D39 S77 D65 S114 D77